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Gathering inspiration from the past, fostering experiment and collaboration in the present and securing a future for the Commedia dell’Arte

Barry Grantham & bill tuck

Commedia has influenced writers, performers, directors, artists and composers for nearly 500 years. We join with others from around the world to celebrate International Commedia Day: 25th Feb, the date when, in 1545, a group of actors were first legitimately registered as professionals in the trade of theatre.

Viva Commedia!

Commedia dell’ Arte holds an important place in theatre history, influencing the spread of popular theatre throughout Europe, and it is part of our mission as a festival to set Commedia in its rightful place at the forefront of theatre in Britain, to raise the perceived status of Commedia as an art form and to celebrate the rich tapestry of characters, music, song, dance, technical skills and rich comic, tragic and even operatic narratives that can transgress time to be enjoyed by every generation. The annual Mini Commedia Festival is a showcase of creative talents; all those who are passionate about reinvestigating and reinvigorating the Commedia of the past, recreating Commedia for today and securing Commedia’s place in the future of theatre.

The London Commedia Centre is based at Sands Film Studios, South London and is the main venue for the Mini Commedia Festival. The London Commedia Centre also publish a quarterly online journal, Commedia Zannizine that features articles on various aspects of Commedia, written by a range of regular and guest writers, edited by Barry Grantham and Bill Tuck. You can visit our sister site, https://commediazannizine.co.uk where all the issues of Commedia Zannizine can be viewed or downloaded for free.

Friday 25th February – World Commedia Day

World Commedia dell’Arte Day Celebration

In honour of World Commedia Day on 25th February, we hosted an online celebration bringing together some of the leading exponents of Commedia dell’ Arte today, from across the globe, including Barry Grantham, Bill Tuck, Olly Crick, Cheryl Stapleton and these artists:

Sacha Muller and Alaa Shehada (Theatre Hotel Courage, Netherlands) shared the amazing world journey she has been on to gather together her international ‘Hotel’ of performers, training local actors from Iran, Iraq, India, Palestine, Ghana, as well as the Netherlands (in the playlist – unfortunately not captured at the start of the stream).

Fabrizio Paladin (Teatro Studio Maschera, Italy) shared highlights from his solo performance, ‘Arlecchino’s Dream’

Jay Cross & Catherine Crow (i Sebastiani USA) performed an extract from ‘The Two Faithful Notaries’.

Chiara Durrazini (PazziLazzi USA) performed an extract from ‘Isabella Unmasked’

Sarah Ratheram performed ‘Punchnet’

Lee White (Stickyback Theatre UK) performed ‘Baggatino Bombastino’

Howard Gayton performed in an extract from ‘Casanova’ with Ophaboom, also featuring Sarah Ratheram as Pulcinella.

Sadly, 2022 saw us cancelling many shows due to Covid-19.
Watch this space for re-scheduled dates for the following:

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We are proud to be part of the International Commedia dell’Arte Day celebrations 2022, coordinated by SAT Associazione Culturale.